I was watching Don Draper smoke a cigarette, a common occurrence on “Mad Men”, when I realized the noise outside my apartment was that of water pouring from the skies. My apartment is all window and so when I opened all the sliding coverings, it looked like I was underwater. The summer rain in Korea doesn’t warn you that it’s coming. It just shows up unannounced, like some random at a party who gets too drunk, makes a mess, and then disappears as quickly as it came.  The orange street lights outside illuminated the water falling on shrieking heads that ran from their cars to their apartments. One box to another.

I turned off the lights and stood on my couch that was up against the floor to ceiling window. I put my hand outside and felt the cool rain and the refreshing wind. I wanted to go run around in it, but instead I sat for awhile, gazing at the lights of my town and the rain turning the concrete into a black river that rushed down to it. Lighting lit up the sky, turning it pink, and I stared open-mouthed like a little kid seeing a thunder storm for the first time. My music was drowned out in the roaring thunder and I was very happy to be in the middle of nature showing off its strength. Not a huge revelation, as I am someone who gets giddy over strawberries, ecstatic over colorful jewelry, and downright euphoric when I’m in the sunshine. I am a creature of summer and a lover of the little things. But being so easily impressed by the little things also makes me easily depressed by the less wonderful little things. I smiled to myself because I realized I hadn’t felt that way in months. Contentment is a dish best served in a rainstorm.

I woke up the next morning to a dry day. I checked my email after I got out of the shower and my heart stopped when I saw an email from the Ministry of Education in Spain.

“You have been accepted.”

I started breathing far too much and my hands were shaking. All the Spanish in the email was too much for my brain to handle at that moment and I started jumping around the room, squealing like a little girl. I had been waiting for almost 6 months to hear if I would be a language assistant in Spain and I was close to giving up hope. They had wait-listed almost 2,000 people and yet, I still kept up with my Spanish lessons. I was pretty sure I was going to backpack Europe and then head to Southeast Asia in the winter, but I felt no urge to plan my travels. A part of me was still invested in Spain and would be until I knew for sure if they would take me or not.  But they had. I would be going to Galicia. A green, mountainous area known for rivers and rain.

It’s time to start anew.

Mumford and Sons: After the Storm





One thought on “The Rain In Spain

  1. Congratulations Hannah! How exciting for you especially having waited for 6 months to hear from them. My husbands parents just returned from a trip to Spain and got us some t-shirts, as parents do. I can’t wait to see pictures and hear about all the things you will see and do. Curious also how Spanish students compare to Korean students and the lessons you’ll learn there.

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