(German ironing)

Ger: “I need a Latina woman”.

Me: I will buy you one.

Ger: No, I am not not paying. Not a prostitute. Fortunately, I don’t need a prostitute yet.


Diego: “I’m not saying i don’t like frozen yogurt, I just don’t like what it stands for.”

Me: “Are you seriously hating on frozen yogurt?! It’s so happy!”

Diego: “It’s like eating chicken fat. Cultured people in Spain do not eat frozen yogurt.”


Diego: “Its called doing a Hannah.”
Me: “Please call it pulling a Hannah.”
Ger: “Give me a list of all your friends that will be at the party.”
Me: “No way”.
Ger: “You can’t stop me. I have a beard.”


Ger: “Just call me when you have the girls and they are drunk and I will take care of them.”


Me: “Aww puppies!”

Ger: “I hate them. I will exterminate all of them.”


Me: “I like your red socks.”

Diego: “Ah yes, they are my rebellion.”


Me:  “The heat in this apartment is SO hot!!! I basically have to take off all my clothes.”



(playing “All I want for Christmas Is You”-Mariah Carey)

Ger: “Look at her! She is so ugly, she is next to a donkey!”

Me: German its a reindeer!

(not listening to me..)

Ger: “Which one is the donkey, right? Hahaha!”


Me: “This is a Korean band, Big Bang.”

Ger: “Those are the same persons!”

Me: “Definitely not.”

Ger: “It is!! Look at their teeth!”



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