Cafe con leche.

It always arrives quickly with two or three sugar packets. I usually use half of one (or a whole one if I am feeling decadent). It’s mesmerizng to pour the sugar in, watching it dissolve into the frothy drink. Depending on the bar, the cafe con leche could come with a piece of chocolate, a donut, a crossiant, or some other treat to pack a double punch of that dulce, dulce, azucar. Cafe con leche is best consumed with friends, but I find that its one thing you can do on your lonesome in Spain that people will find acceptable.

“Yeah, see that girl? She’s drinking a cafe con leche. That’s some serious shit right there. She’s not even reading a book with that coffee…understandable. Cafe con leche needs concentration and respect.”

That’s what I hear around me, mas o menos…or it could be the CCL talkin’…

This cheap drink is a staple for most, but I can’t have it on the daily because it turns my head inside out…which sounds something like this.

(inside Hannah’s brain. two hours after consumption)

i love the moment when the cafe con leche hits my veins. who knows what i will say or do? i could possibly get in a street fight right now and look really good doing it. that’s how much my confidence in myself just went up.

this tastes awesome. I AM awesome. all my dreams seem achievable. even though i only understand 25 percent of this maury-esque spanish mid-day show, i am extremely involved in it. i understand that the audience is discussing why all mothers hate their sons girlfriends. how very oedipus.

back at school, ramon is talking to me about his friends plan to buy a mazda dealership and my brain is like “lets go run outside through a field”, but my mouth is like “smart choice in this economy, ramon”.

i go to art class and kinda forget that i am on cafe con leche. art is so soothing.

as soon as i get in the car, the gallego chatting begins. my brain is on simmer and wandering.

sometimes i think i would make a great hipster if only i was given the chance. i am GREAT at ironically liking things.

i cannot believe i made a bet with hannah albright that whoever gets married first gets to have the other one dance at her wedding. i should perform beyonce: single ladies. that will show her. THEN, i will make it with the best man. unless it’s her gay friend…then i won’t.

i really want some tortilla.  plates and plates of it.

rihanna rude boy is playing!!! would my co workers like me less or more if i started dancing and singing to this with all i have??

pablo alboran.. i want to carry him around in my pocket.

are my coworkers speaking in english?? maybe i know spanish now!!! no wait its spanish. damnit.

i’m going to have a beer and its wednesday night. i am so out of control right now whhhaaaat.

time to go learn clitic pronouns. it sounds so sexual and promising, but it’s really just stupid grammar. i wonder if my tutor thinks i am crazy.

you know what a really cool word is. brainstorm.

its a pretty good thing i dont do hard drugs if this is what a mug of coffee, milk, and sugar can do. i’ll never have the breaking bad lifestyle ive dreamed of…

my roommate is telling me that in spain it is normal to share a sponge/loofah. no it is not normal. i feel slightly traumatized. i have basically been rubbing him all over my body.

wine could reverse this, i need downers!! DOWNERS, ANYONE!!

Cafe con leche. Drink responsibly. 



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