It has come to my attention that my Asian American friends don’t have middle names.

If you are a white bread American like me, then you’ll have some name like “Nicole”, “Michelle”, or in my case, “Elizabeth” as your middle name. An actual first name. There is probably reasoning behind my middle name, but I can’t recall it. When I was in 5th grade, I wished my middle name was Rose, like the character from Titanic. I tried to go by it, but it never caught on. I also attempted Liz. Never one to be content..

“let’s name her jessica marie nicole!”
“good one!”

Now, I was out at the movies with two friends, both born in America with Taiwanese parents, and it came to light that my friend Regina has the middle name George.



Regina George.


I was so excited that I almost started hyperventilating. Regina went on to tell me that George was picked because of George Washington and it is also her brother’s middle name. At this point, I think I was making a scene.

My other friend Carly then tells me her middle name is T. That’s it. The letter T with a dot beside it.

I’m on an escalator with Regina George and T Dot and I just couldn’t be happier. I live for weird shit like this.

A few days later, I am with my friend Sharon, who was born in the States and has a Korean mother and Chinese father.

“Sharon, you have to tell me. What is your middle name??”

“Uhhh…it’s SYP.”

YESSSS. Regina George, T., and SYP. Is it just me or could this be a new Kpop group???

Obviously, I want in.



2 thoughts on “Asian Middle Names

  1. You were almost named Hannah Rose, I liked it! Although we were looking at Smith lineage and family names to carry on and had connections, like Austin is the third Austin in the smith family. You were named Elizabeth for my godmother Mary Elizabeth and Serra Elizabeth etc….
    You can be Hannah Rose if you like…. Love Marty

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