Dear Friends and Family Across the Globe,

I went to Japan last Chinese New Year..it was cold.

I went to Japan last Chinese New Year..it was cold.

I am too lazy/un-creative to send you all glittery, green and red cards full of season’s greetings, so I thought I’d go digital. Keeping with the times yo.

Also, I haven’t written a blog in about three months because I’ve been busy writing other randomness for City 543 and dwindling my life away by trying to teach Taiwanese children not the add the “uh” sound to every word they say.


Truth be told, I adore those crazy children. This is my second year with the students in my second grade class (had them in first grade) and I feel like they came out of my womb. I love them to pieces and yet want to throw them out a window. Is this what parenthood feels like?!

Here is a slice of life in class 203: today Alice, my cute pumpkin cupcake child, asked what the “outstanding” on her award meant. She thought it meant she needed to go stand outside..Then, I was offered a “fish candy” from Aidan, who was in a uniquely giving mood. I thought he was kidding that it would taste like fish but my co-teacher confirmed: it was tuna flavored.

My 4th graders are new to me this year and they are extremely talkative. Good attitudes for the most part, extremely bright, and fun, but seriously, they cannot be quiet for ten seconds. I now understand why my high school English teacher would send me to a corner and why my high school chemistry teacher would mock me for all my talking. I must have been one annoying little student. Thank god for my charm.

School is my life, so it makes sense that most of my Christmas card would be about it. I will be working Christmas…and the Saturday after…and the Saturday before. The Taiwanese are kind, good natured people, but they don’t know how to relax. It’s a bit disheartening, but I plan to eat candy canes, watch movies, and sing carols with my students on Christmas Day so it won’t be all bad. I also get to see them open their gifts under our fake Christmas tree so that should be precious.

Outside of school, I have a trip to South Korea planned after the New Year to visit my old stomping grounds, then Kasey and I will be going to El Nido in the Philippines for Chinese New Year in February. He wants us to swim with whale sharks and I am overly afraid of sharks and the deep sea so, it remains to be seen what will happen.

Hmmm otherwise, I’m into crock pots and candles right now, which I never had a slight interest in. I guess it means I am officially in my late 20’s. I’m okay with that, but I’d love to not have a hangover from one glass of wine. DAMN YOU, AGING LIVER.

As for future plans, I can’t really say. Most likely, I’ll have a trip planned to the States in the summer or so and I’ll probably be teaching abroad elsewhere. You never know. That North Wind is a tricky one..

Love and miss you all ❤

Merry Christmas! xx



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