thailand and ev in korea 086

I enjoy the Throwback Thursday trend, mostly because I’m a sucker for nostalgia and memories. Old pictures give me the warm fuzzies and the slight pang of loss; a strange, but comforting mixture. Reading my scribbled-in, beat-up journals and blog entries, from a time when I didn’t even know about WordPress, inspires me and makes me want to recapture that sense of wonder I once wrote with.

I thought starting a Throwback Thursday post could be fun. It would let me get to stroll down memory lane and take you with me 😀

So here’s the first one, from my blog I used keep on Travelblog.org, about my solo day in Bangkok, before my brother and friend Kez arrived. You can tell I’m somewhat enamored with the scents and sights around me. Thailand has always been some sort of golden, sweltering vision to me.

Check it out on Travelblog (which by the way is a pretty fun platform for casual travel blogging).

thailand and ev in korea 029 thailand and ev in korea 081


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