My first wedding this season was that of Hannah Albright and Evan Person. I met Hannah (or as I call her, Albright, because how dare she share my name) back in Uppsala, Sweden, where we studied, but mostly, had wild adventures together. She met Evan at a Halloween party in Colorado, a few years later. She was Wonder Woman and he, a pirate. Obviously, meant to be. Here are my highlights from this wedding that I was so lucky to be a part of.


-Discovering alcoholic root beer and hipster tator tots at a bar outside of Denver. I will never be the same.

-Going to the flower market to find baby’s breath and assorted purple flowers to make bouquets and having the man at the front desk lose his shit when we asked if we should spray water on the flowers. “No, NO, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? YOU’LL MAKE THEM BROWN!!!”


-Catching up with Chelsey and Amanda (also friends from Sweden) and completely embarrassing ourselves on several occasions. At a reception, the night before the wedding, Amanda spilled her wine all over the white tablecloth and Chelsey’s chocolate cake smeared on it as well, looking like skid marks. I, on the other hand, was able to eat like an adult.


-Being invited to drinks in one of the suites and showing up in our pajamas and a robe because we thought that was the theme, but we were the only ones.

wedding albright robe

-Feeling the excitement of seeing Evan waiting for Hannah and that moment when she finally started walking down the aisle. I never understood tearing up at weddings, but now I do.

DSCN2869DSCN2870DSCN2873hannah aisle

-Dancing to “Turn Down For What” in a circle with all the other people from my generation, while the older generation stared at us like we were in some dub-step cult.

-Watching Hannah and her mom, Lena, get the f**k down to Backstreet Boys. Those girls don’t let heels or wedding dresses get in the way.

-Receiving our wedding gift, which was a glass with “The People” engraved on it. Because they are Hannah Person and Evan Person now, get it? Classic.

wedding albright

-Deciding to get more drinks after the wedding, where we met a Belgian guy who was turning 30, or in his words, on Level 3, and his Air Force friend (on Level 5) who was in a fancy suit. We proceeded to tell him he looked “pimp” and then, had to explain the meaning.

-Getting to finally meet Evan after hearing so much about him. I was worried I wouldn’t like him because I can be critical of my friend’s significant others. They deserve nothing but the best, and luckily, Evan is a great guy. He went out of his way to make us feel welcome and I truly appreciated that.

-Eating and drinking my face off with Lena and Don, Hannah’s step-dad. They were the most wonderful hosts and went above and beyond for all of us ❤

-Exploring Pearl Street, Boulder, and the Flatirons. I get why people move to Colorado.

DSCN2879  DSCN2889

Wedding #1 of the season has commenced! Now I must give my liver a rest before #2 in Toronto….


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