I’m not pretentious enough to think I can tell anyone what or where the best food in San Francisco is. There’s a million articles on the subject and a million more each year, as anticipated restaurants, hipster infested cafes, and crafty pop-ups appear and then disappear, just as soon as they came. I’ve always wanted to be a San Francisco local, but growing up three hours away, in the foothills, certainly doesn’t give me any city cred. Therefore, the best I can give is to tell you, dear readers, the best food creations I personally enjoyed while on a trip to San Francisco. My credentials being that I am a food tourist, constantly searching for the most interesting things to eat, and sometimes, I squeal and fan my face with my hands when I see something really delicious. That’s when you know someone really cares.

Dynamo Donuts and Johnny’s Doughnuts Food Truck

dynamo donuts chocolate dynamo donuts

Donuts aren’t even a dessert; they are a lifestyle. A way to tell the world, yeah I don’t give a fuck about my health and I like to indulge while drinking my morning coffee. I’ve loved them since my grandpa routinely bought me a maple bar or apple fritter as a reward for going to church with him (donuts: the ultimate sin), so I’m extremely stoked that they’ve become the new “it” thing. Dynamo Donuts in the Mission is not very noticeable on the street (I passed by it), but it’s got a secret garden in the back, where I enjoyed my passionfruit and milk chocolate donut. It was only 1 dollar because I slept in and by the time I got there the donuts were already considered day olds. It tasted fresh and sweet to me. At Off The Grid in Fort Mason, I joined the massive line for Johnny’s Doughnuts Food Truck. It had the longest line out of all the trucks, which tells you something about the power of donuts. The lime-poppyseed doughnut was double the size of your home bakery donut and also double the amazingness. I died.

Bobcha Food Truck

kimchi fries bobcha off the grid

This was another dish I got at Off The Grid, which is like a goddamn food orgy for people like me. Since living abroad in Korea, I am highly skeptical of Korean food from elsewhere. Luckily, San Francisco has a large Korean population and you can find some great stuff, albeit for triple the price that you would pay in Korea. THE KIMCHI FRIES at Bobcha Food Truck were gooey, cheesy, spicy, covered in bulgogi, and made me thank the heavens for fusion food. I was also hungover when I had them, so it’s possible I may have felt this way about anything.

Arlequin Cafe

TASTE the healthy rainbow.

TASTE the healthy rainbow.

Photo via Arlequin Cafe Facebook

I had to meet a friend for lunch at Hayes Street, where nothing is cheap and everything tastes good. She took me to Arlequin Cafe and we both got the veggie burger, which we couldn’t stop exclaiming about. I mean who actually exclaims over a VEGGIE burger?! It was that good. Even the side salad was so flavorful that I could hardly talk to my friend because I wanted to keep stuffing it in my mouth. Any place that makes you want to eat vegetables more than talk to an old friend you haven’t seen in a year is a place of divine black magic.

Blue Bottle Coffee and Sightglass Coffee

blue bottle coffeesightglass lattesightglass cafeblue bottle cafe

Yeah, so coffee isn’t food, but people these days have made it their main food group, so I’ll just be leaving this right here. Both Blue Bottle Coffee and Sightglass Coffee had gorgeous lattes, which either tasted great because they were well-made or because just being there made me feel really cool and like I owned the city. These are not coffee shops that you should go to in your pajamas, looking for some caffeine pick-me-up. You need to be immaculately dressed, working on a laptop, or perhaps debating politics with your friends who are all wearing chic eyeglasses. Or get the coffee to go if you want to look more busy and important than everyone else.

And that, my friends, are the best things I consumed while in the great and weird city of San Francisco. What is the best thing you have eaten in SF? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The Best Things I Ate In San Francisco

  1. Staying 45mins away from SF has us spending every other weekend in the city… I love SF! There are so many coffee places… in addition to the ones you have mentioned I love Four Barrel and Trouble(mainly for their Cinnamon toast). Maybe you should try these next time.

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