Some people may go to a bar or look through Facebook to meet people when they get to a new country, but I enjoy finding a fitness or outdoor group to join. For me, it’s the best way to find like-minded people who are adventurous, enjoy the outdoors, and do other things besides hang out at bars. In Korea, I went river tracing and to mud festivals with Wink Travel. In Taiwan, I joined the Hash Harriers, which is the perfect marriage of running and beer. I also helped out with Hsinchu Beach Ninjas by picking up trash on Nanliao Beach. Now, here in Phuket, I’ve found Clean The Beach Boot Camp, or CBBC. A fantastic group that gets together every other Saturday morning, on beaches all over Phuket, for a cardio workout, yoga, and beach clean-up. AND IT’S FREE. I love free shit, especially when it keeps me and the environment healthy πŸ™‚

a bit cloudy, but at least it was warm :)

a bit cloudy, but at least it was warm πŸ™‚

I attended one on Kamala Beach, which is a relaxed and lovely beach. There were loads of empty restaurants and bars along it, though, so I assume it will have a much different vibe once high season starts. There was a big group of foreigners and Thai people taking part. Our coach, Krix Luther, who is also the owner, led us in some silly, fun drills where we had to jump, spin around, and do tuck jumps according to him yelling out different numbers. We also had to crawl back and forth like various animals, which I couldn’t stop laughing at. Next up was our main workout. Everyone had to do 10 squats, 5 push-ups, 10 bicycle sit-ups, then run into the ocean, come back and repeat. This went on non-stop for 11 minutes. It started out easy, but by the end, I wanted to flop on the sand and take a rest. Luckily, everyone else was trying their best and almost falling on their faces too, so I didn’t feel alone in my struggles. As if our legs weren’t dead enough yet, we split into teams and did a relay race with cones. There is so much pressure in a relay! People yelled at each other jokingly, “this is all on you!”, as our team was obviously losing. It was all for fun, of course. I didn’t even realize I was working out because I was so focused on running as fast as I could so our team didn’t look bad. That’s the best way to get a workout in.

from a previous beach cleanup-the relay race!

from a previous beach cleanup-the relay race!

Photo via Clean the Beach Facebook

The yoga workout was taught by Colin Gallagher, who was out of this world flexible. As you know, I suck at yogaΒ and he was putting me to shame. The guy behind me kept cursing because he couldn’t fathom how to do half the poses. I may have been failing pretty bad, but the stretches felt good and the breathing along with the ocean waves was really calming. It made think, yet again, that I should get into yoga. We’ll see about that…

Finally, it was time to clean-up the beach! We each got a bag and one glove and walked along the surf looking for trash that would be sorted afterwards. Kamala Beach was surprisingly clean and I mostly found cigarette butts or small pieces of plastic. I kept looking around me and thinkingΒ I can’t believe this is my life. I’m in a beautiful destination that people spend tons of money traveling to and I actually live here!! #stokedonlife #blessed #donthateme #hashtag #icantstop #okimdone

CBBC has connections and we were served free sandwiches at Lucky 13, which has some stellar food. I scarfed down my chicken and bacon with curry sauce sandwich with record speed. I don’t think free sandwiches are a usual part of the program, so don’t expect it. I just got lucky πŸ™‚

Be sure and check out this awesome group if you’re ever in Phuket and maybe I’ll see you there!




4 thoughts on “Clean The Beach Boot Camp: Kamala Beach

  1. Ah Kamala! One of my favorite beaches in the world! So glad you get to enjoy it and have found a suitable replacement for the Beach Ninjas. Keep up the good work Hannah and the blog posts. I love reading about what you’re experiencing in Phuket. It’s nestalgic. πŸ˜‰

    • And I live only 15 minutes from it!I’m still scared of the busy main roads so I’m stoked that getting to Kamala on the scooter isn’t bad.

      Beach Ninjas will always be my first beach clean-up πŸ™‚ Keep enjoying the trip down memory lane. I’m sure Alana told you about my battles with the geckos haha.

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