*play while listening for a sunny vibe*

The word “equator” is absolutely sexy to me. It makes me think of scorching, white sand, blue seas, palm trees heavy with coconuts, and of course, that gorgeous star that we call The Sun. I’m a sun worshipper, but not in the modern sense. I like to be tan, but I don’t care all that much about spending my days turning myself over like a rotisserie chicken. I’m a sun worshipper in a pagan sort of way. I believe the sun is life, happiness, and freedom. Back in college, I put down my religion as The Sun. Because there’s lots of deities out there, but there’s only one sun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnature day 002100_1735

Summer used to be my favorite season, as it’s the season that we spend the most time outside, but once I started living in snowy northern countries like Sweden and South Korea, I realized that the thaw of spring was the most special to me.

During winter, I feel a heavy sort of depression fall on my shoulders. The longer I have to deal with cloudy days, the worse it gets. My energy is low, I feel very sad out of nowhere, and like many other people, I just want to hibernate. People mock seasonal affective disorder and I used to think it was silly, but then my dad mentioned in passing that he’d talked to his doctor about it. Turns out he went through the same thing as me. I started taking Vitamin D when I hadn’t seen the sun in awhile and whenever the sun was out, I tried to take a long walk. It definitely helped, but I still fear winter. Spring is the escape from that dullness. The colors pop once again, I am happy and vibrant, and the sun is there smiling with me.


I’ve lived abroad the last five years and you’re probably thinking my god, what a sun-drenched life. Nay, quite the fucking opposite. South Korean winters are hellish, Northern Spain rains from November-March, and Taiwan likes to keep things cloudy and rainy for a nice, long spell. I promised myself that I would live somewhere where it never got cold before moving home. I was offered a job in Phuket and that was that. Here I am now having my first ever YEAR WITHOUT WINTER! I’m absolutely in heaven.


I thought I might get sick of the blazing heat, sunburns, and mosquitos, but honestly, it’s a fair price to pay for being a constant shade of golden, feeling healthier than I’ve felt in ages, and having the opportunity to go the beach, drink a coconut smoothie, and see a sunset that could inspire poetry, every day.

I’m blessed to be living here and I try to keep that in mind, so that I take advantage of this gorgeous island weather. True, I arrived here just as the wet season was ending, but hey, I’ll be leaving before it comes back again, too. Some may call it lucky, I call it excellent planning.


Living on a tropical island near the equator has showed me that I do best in a sunny climate and makes me question my goal to live in San Francisco. Perhaps I’m meant to go south like the birds and if not, there’s always Costco-sized bottles of Vitamin D. Winter can’t last forever…





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