Spain is great for music because Spaniards wear their hearts on their sleeves and they love to dance. Therefore, you get all these lovely ballads, folk tunes, and also, some damn good beats to get down to.

This song was massive when I arrived in Spain in 2014 and I just found out that it’s actually by an Italian group. Deceptive. It will always be linked to Spain for me. We’d dance to it in the clubs, my Spanish co-teacher would sing it in the car with me, and my students all knew the dance.

Ah, Pablo Alboran. Mr. Charm. I had a slight obsession with his handsome face and loved to watch him croon love songs.

My Spanish roommates helped me discover Russian Red, who reminded me of a Spanish Feist.

Ever heard of this dude named Enrique? Yeah, everyone in America knows him, but outside of “let me be your hero”,  I hadn’t heard much of his music. Turns out, dude can make a great dance song.

Bebe’s song “Malo” is fierce and she kills. Perfect for when you’re dealing with “tanto” men.

So, be like the Spaniards and beat those Monday blues by enjoying the good things in life…like music, obviously!


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