Bali has many islands and each claims to be paradise. I only had time to visit one and stressed over picking the best. I ended up choosing Nusa Lembongan because I’d heard it was small, relaxed, full of gorgeous beaches, and of course, easy to scooter around.


I’d been scootering the past five months in Phuket and I figured surviving that traffic made me more than ready for the sleepy streets of this 8km island. My friends, Molly and Anna, and I took a van and ferry from Ubud (costing us 300,000 rupiah round trip) and as soon as we stepped off, there were locals offering their homestays. We followed a man to one called Kenta Homestay for 265,000 rupiah a night and better yet, he had scooters to rent us at a cheap price.

During the next two days, we rode all over the island, getting lost, seeing beauty that blew our minds, swimming and eating by the ocean, and having the salty wind in our hair. We made a scooter gang and all cheered for Molly and our new friend, Maddy, who had never been on a scooter before and conquered the beast.


Nusa Lembongan is small enough that you can scooter around and explore most of the island without worrying about having a single destination, but here are our favorite spots to ride to.

Dream Beach


Scootering to Dream Beach is pretty easy, as it’s not too far from the main stretch and there’s many signs pointing ย the way. The road gets a bit bouncy and dusty near the end, but it’s fairly tame. There’s lots of parking and a swing above the beach for those Instagram-worthy photos. The beach itself is small and the waves were very dangerous (so much so, that we didn’t dare go in past our knees), but it looks like paradise and best of all, the hotel above has a happy hour that includes free use of the infinity pool overlooking the beach! We spent hours here watching the sunset and sipping on pina coladas. One of the most special moments of our trip.


Devil’s Tear


You can walk to this peninsula from Dream Beach (only about 5 minutes) or take your scooter down the dirt path to the rocky area. This unique outcrop is awe-inducing with its sprays of water and crashing waves. Don’t stand too close to the geographical marvel, though. We’d heard a Chinese tourist died the day before by getting hit by a wave and pulled in.

*It might look like I’m standing near the edge, but this was a safe area to be in. The opposite side, not so much.

Nusa Ceningan


This is the ultimate scooter ride. Nusa Ceningan is an even smaller island that is connected to Nusa Lembongan by a yellow, suspension bridge that you can ride over on your scooter. If you have a Go-Pro, this is the time for it. Once on the island, you can ride along the shore and eat at local seafood restaurants, go cliff jumping, or just swim in the turquoise water. We didn’t scooter around the whole island because we came to a very steep hill (to the cliff jumping) that was too daunting for our newbie scooter skills, so we drank coconuts and swam at a small restaurant with a beach. Worth it.


Grab a map, don’t worry too much about your destination, and just enjoy the heaven that is Nusa Lembongan. And of course, wear a helmet! Safe scootering ๐Ÿ™‚




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