I’m majorly addicted to sugar. I’ve left my apartment at 10 o clock at night to walk down the street to a convenience store because I felt like I NEEDED chocolate. I look up donut shops before visiting a city when traveling. When I see an especially delicious looking dessert, I start screaming with joy. I was the kid who was probably too serious when it came to fighting other kids for piñata candy…

And of course, with addiction comes lack of moderation. I have a friend that keeps a chocolate bar on her fridge and eats ONE square of it a day. This would never ever happen in my house. Once I have procured the sugary treat, it must ALL be consumed until I’m either overwhelmed with shame or stomach sickness. It’s sexy AF.

Being back in America has put much more temptation, in the way of sweets, in my life and I need to go cold turkey. So here goes my month without sugar! May the gods have mercy on me.

Day 1:

So it’s the first day of 2017 and I’m going strong! I went on a four-mile walk with my friend Ande and then we went for breakfast at IHOP. I forgot that IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes aka restaurant that mostly serves cakes disguised as breakfast.

I looked at the red velvet pancakes, banana brioche pancakes, and fruit crepes with longing. I considered telling Ande that I would start this whole thing tomorrow because damnit, I needed some pumpkin spice pancakes!

But, I knew this was cheating and got a burger and fries instead. Not the healthiest choice, for sure, but not a sugar bomb. If I can survive a pancake house, then I think this is a sign of good things to come.

Day 2:

I had toast with jam on it for breakfast. I am wondering if this counts as dessert and feeling slightly guilty because I’m pretty sure Asians eat jam bread for dessert…BUT THIS IS AMERICA.

Also, feeling very happy that wine is not considered a dessert.


Day 3:

Strangely, I haven’t been craving anything sweet and I also have tons of energy. I’ve been dancing around the kitchen to music while my dog looks at me like I’m an idiot.

Day 4:

Massive headache today and felt like a lazy slug. Could be the rain, could be the fact that I didn’t have coffee this morning, or could it be NO SUGAR?!

Day 9:

Oddly haven’t had any huge cravings for dessert…although, now that I am back at work as a teacher, I feel like I am in need of a brownie or maybe a large glass of wine. It’s the teacher diet.

Day 15:

It is the halfway mark and I made a rookie mistake. I was on a date and ordered an alcoholic root beer (because I know how to impress a man) and I started to feel like my head was spinning, I had a headache, etc.

I’ve been avoiding “dessert-like” drinks, but I was so into the date that I didn’t think about what I was ordering and I couldn’t even finish the beer because the sugar was too overwhelming! And yes, it was the sugar, not the alcohol content 😉

This is good though because it looks like I am getting off of my addiction to sugar! My body isn’t craving it anymore; nay it rejects it!

But in other news, I have plans to stockpile Girl Scout Cookies….so there is still work to do.

Day 17:

I dreamt about eating chocolate pudding last night…

Day 21:

Somehow, I keep ending up in diners, which have my favorite: pancakes. Bacon can’t soothe the sadness…

Day 22:

I’m over this and I want some red velvet pancakes topped with brownies and ice cream, OKAY!!!

Day 27:

I was substitute teaching a 1st grade classroom and turns out they are having a cupcake party. How. dare. they.


The cupcakes are covered in dollops of pink frosting and I got some on my finger. I licked it off with far too much pleasure.

Day 28:
I told the guy I’m seeing that I’ve been dreaming about eating a whole chocolate cake. He offers to take me out to eat some donuts, which is the most romantic thing a man has ever said to me, but I stay strong and we eat Korean food instead.

Later that night, I am at a retirement party and I’m so swept up in the frivolity that I grab a brownie and start eating it. I’m halfway through when DING, lightbulb! WHAT AM I DOING??!! I was so close. So close. But, I failed with three days to go. I was pretty disappointed.

Yet, not disappointed enough to stop eating that brownie…VIVA LA SUGAR!


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