Owen Klaas is the creator of Fiendish Thingies.
*This interview was originally done for Art of The Day Sac.

What made you want to be a part of the Sacramento Arts Festival?

“I did it four years ago originally….yeah, my wife’s sister lives in the area..it seemed like a good chance to visit family…so that’s how it started and we loved it.

From what I have heard so far, it seems like they are very supportive of the artists.

Yeah some of the shows don’t treat their artists as well as this one does, for sure.

Just looking at your art, it seems like it has sort of a spooky, beautiful aspect to it. What inspires you to make these pieces?

A lot of it is illustrative, a lot of it is just my life displayed for everybody, but [laughs]

You’re brave!

Yeah, I keep it pretty subtle so people don’t know that, but that’s what it is! I title them to kind of give it a hint, as to what I was thinking when I did the piece, so a lot of them are illustrating something I went through, something my family went through,…kinda just story telling through the paintings and trying to find that balance between dark and light. I’d say a lot of them represent hope in a dark place. If you look at most of my pieces, even if they look pretty dark, there’s usually some form of light, which represents hope to me.

And, that’s kinda the vibe I was getting; they are spooky, but in this nice, beautiful way.

Yeah, a lot of expressing how I feel, like I have a piece called Anxiety, that represents to me, the way that I feel a lot of the time inside, because I do have anxiety issues. So, to me, it’s my way of showing that in a fun, little way.

That’s fantastic. A lot of people deal with that and you need some way to let it out.

And then that stuff is relatable, like when people come in and when they deal with that issue, they immediately go to that piece, read the title, and they connect to it, which is…

They may not know how to explain it, but the art shows it.

Exactly, because I’m not good at speaking, but I can express through the pictures.

Is there a piece that is your favorite or special to you?

Man, that changes all the time. Lately, I got into doing a lot of the pieces that are black and white tones, with a little bit of the highlights of red…actually, I watched Twilight Zone over the weekend..and it inspired me to do a ton of paintings of all black and white colors because I think it looks so cool. A lot of those are my favorites right now, just kinda messing with and using those tones.

And that one’s called Subside?

Yeah, this is Subside.

Is there a story behind that?

This is! It actually represents coming to the end of a storm, and once again it represents things I went through. So when I did this one, we had just gone through a pretty rough situation, it was like the seas were just starting to calm and that’s the way I see stuff in my mind, so to me, you know, it was like we just got through it. It may only be like, a moment of rest, but at least it’s rest, you know what I mean? So that’s where that piece came from.



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